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For more than half a century, CWK has met customer needs with top quality products made in Sweden. Relentlessly pursuing improvement, our products are continuously upgraded to respond to the latest quality standards.


We at CWK are proud to say that most of our plastic articles are locally produced in Malmö.

We offer our customers good quality at a low cost and, at the same time, we are familiar with the manufacturing process and EU-regulations to ensure a cleaner environment. CWK contributes to retain employment in the local area so that our youngsters have a job in the future. This contributes to a sustainable and vibrant community.


Carl-Werner Karlstedt founded the company in 1965 and together with his wife, Gertie Karlstedt, they developed plastic items for the business areas PROFESSIONAL KITCHENS and SPORTS. Monica Karlstedt has run the company for many years and has been following her parents footsteps with the same spirit and philosophy.


High quality, good service and quick deliveries are always our top priorities. We are highly thankful for all our loyal resellers and customers who choose us as a businesspartner, now and in the future.


Thank You!


Team CWK

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